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Swings For Screens


1452 Hughes Rd, Suite 200
Grapevine, Texas 76051 

Swings for Screens has partnered with Epoch Health to provide our FREE health screenings in clinics and events nation wide that can include PSA, Total and Free Testosterone, TSH, CBC, CMP, Lipids, vitamin and nutrient levels.

Different events involve various screenings.


Educate the public on the risks and signs of serious, life-threatening and treatable health conditions affecting men.


Increase awareness for the need of men to have a prostate exam and annual preventative men’s health screenings. 


To provide annual 100% Men’s Health Screenings, prostate exams and/or PSA blood tests at no charge and navigate men to the proper providers, care and treatment.


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Upon completion of treatment planning, your IMRT/IGRT prostate cancer treatment will begin. Treatments usually take place Monday through Friday, at the same appointment time each day (for approximately two months).

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